Pan/Tilt Heads

The T-Jib® 18 Head pans and tilts cameras smoothly and accurately with precise, proportional joystick control. Designed for DV, HDV and Broadcast cameras up to 18 lbs, it is the perfect companion for crane arms, tripods or any other remote operating situations. It operates on 12 to 24volt power and comes with a 12volt AC transformer. It easily accepts external 12 volt power through a 4pinXLR cable, making it the ideal location tool when coupled with our T-Pack® portable power supply when 110 AC power is not convenient or available.

Utilizing the industries finest high torque Maxon gear motors, pan and tilt speeds range from 1 rev in 10 minutes to 6 RPM at 12 volts and 11 RPM at 24 volts. The joystick operates either in a linear or logarithmic fashion allowing for perfect motion for any situation. In the linear mode, Each degree of movement reflects and equal amount of speed increase. In the logarithmic mode, the first half of the joystick movement, each degree reflects smaller increases in speed.   Second half of joystick movement increases faster to catch up to full power.   This makes slow speed more controllable yet keeps top speeds available if necessary. Additionally, the deadspot can be set to assure the camera moves only when you want. You will even find a master speed control to adjust the maximum speed over the entire range of joystick motion.

  • The unit comes with 20’ cable standard with up to 15’ of additional cable available.
  • The T-Jib® 30 Head shares all the same features of the 18 Head, but with an increased capacity for cameras up to 30 lbs.
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