The newly redesigned T-Slide is an innovative alternative to the traditional dolly when your shot can be achieved with up to 5 1/2 feet of camera motion. Other than long following dolly shots, most dolly moves are typically just a few feet. With the T-Slide, smooth camera motion can be achieved in a compact, easy to setup package. Are you constantly schlepping a bulky dolly, multiple pieces of track, then leveling the track over thresholds or uneven surfaces? With the T-Slide, just set the slider on a sturdy tripod, drop the monopods down and shoot. Shots can be set up in any angle to the subject including a perfect dolly push-in motion.

The T-Slide features four exceptionally smooth and quiet, state-of-the-art German bearings to control motion with a 100 mm base plate ready for your fluid head to be mounted directly to the unit. The bottom is fitted with three mounting points in either a 75mm or 100mm plate to fit directly to your bowl style tripod. Mounting is simple, either using your single tripod and two optional monopods or using a pair of tripods for the ultimate in stability.

The T-Slide comes in two lengths a 48" model with 42" of sliding motion and a 72" model with 66" of sliding motion. The newly redesigned T-Slide has been beefed up considerably, yet the weight has been reduced. The 48" model weighs a total of 9 lbs and the 72" model a total of 13 lbs.

Straight Talk: The T-Slide will beautifully perform straight sliding dolly motion and sliding dolly motion while panning your fluid head. With a bit of practice and a well- balanced camera position, it will allow tilting and panning of fluid heads (while sliding) with the drag of your head set to a very low level.  The T-Slide® requires a sturdy wide based tripod and 2 monopod supports or a pair of sturdy tripods. Most any monopods will do the trick, but like everything else, sturdy is better. We use a pair of the Bogen 681 with fantastic results. besides they come in handy for a ton of other stuff.

Available Models:
T-Slide® X-48 (48" long supporting payloads up to 50 lbs) $899
T-Slide® X-72 (72" long supporting payloads up to 50lbs) $999

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