T-Jib® Jib/Crane

There is nothing like smooth camera motion to add value to any production… it creates life, depth and a sense of actually being immersed in the production. The company namesake is the camera jib/crane. Our innovative “truss” design is truly unique in the market. It is the foundation of our company motto… “Amazingly Robust, Surprisingly Affordable.”

T-Pack® Portable Power

Our next category is a product long overdue… dependable, portable and affordable battery power for location video work. T-Packs are 12volt robust power supplies packaged in durable Pelican® cases that pack enough power to operate several devices over a typical full day of production.


Building on the concept of smooth camera motion comes the T-Slide®. How often have you gone through the time and trouble to set up a dolly (even a lightweight portable model) only to move the camera three to four feet for the ideal shot? The T-Slide® is the perfect solution, with models providing nearly four or five feet of perfect camera dolly motion in a compact, tripod-mounted package.

Pan/Tilt Heads

T-Jib® offers two Pan/Tilt heads… the T-Jib® 18 for cameras up to 18 lbs and the T-Jib® 25 for cameras up to 25 lbs. Utilizing both linear and logarithmic, proportional joystick control and the highest quality Maxon motors, these pan/tilt units represent an incredible value and are the perfect complement to the T-Jib® crane.

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